Claude Dorzorme has been making knives and wine accessories since 1902 in the heart of the French knife culture: Thiers. For these stunning products the Dozorme family has been combining Artisanal craftsmanship with modern production methods for years
Laguiole knives, steak knives, corkscrews, champagne sabres and oyster sets: Claude Dozorme makes everything you could possibly need to enjoy a delicious night in!
At Claude Dorzorme a large part of the production process is done by hand. This ensures that you will see the hand of the maker in each product. However, man is not perfect so you will also see the imperfections of each maker which gives these knives their authentic French character.
The story of Claude Dozorme begins in 1902. Blaise Dozorme is a skilful metal worker who sees the potential to open a knife workshop at his house. The company is taken over by Valentin Dozorme and soon after Claude takes the lead naming the company Claude Dozorme. He quickly turns the company into a large and modern knife maker business. At the same time he cherishes the old production methods: many steps taken are still the same as in 1902 when the company started out. In the meantime the newest generation of Dozorme has joined the company: daughter Claudine Dozorme is the current sales and marketing manager. In her own way she has taken over from her father. Today Claude Dozorme is one of the most famous brands in Thiers. Still authentically made in France, like the past 115 years.