Sydonios Racine l’Esthete

Sydonios Racine collection l’Esthete wine glass. Crafted to accompany powerful, tannic fine red wine. Lead-free crystal mouth blown wine glass. Dishwasher proof.

Height – 230 mm, Width – 86 mm, Capacity – 460 ml.

Origination – Sydonios, France.


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Sydonios Racine collection l’Esthete wine glass. The oenological precision of the Racine Collection is unrivalled, thanks to a science-led approach involving more than 100 fine wine experts. Sydonios began our adventure working with a panel of wine experts to measure the impact of glass variation on the tasting experience. 7 prototypes were born from our findings and each was tested by 100 professional tasters. From these, we eliminated all but the 3 best performers.

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