Wine tasting glass

The ergonomic design of the glass and circular movements facilitate the wine ventilation for a better appreciation of the aromas. The narrow open part allows the aromas to concentrate within the glass to be able to recognize them accurately.

Made by Pulltex, Spain.


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Glass Cleaner flexible brush made of an absorbent material that reaches the bottom and all corners of the glass to remove the impurities or water traces at the bottom. Can be put  in a dishwasher.

Pulltex is the most important brand of wine accessories covering a wide range of corkscrews and other wine accessories for professionals and wine lovers. Thanks to more than 20 years of experience in this field, it now occupies a market leading position. Pulltex’s corkscrews are protected with more than 20 international patents among which are the patent for the original double lever corkscrew, as well as the retractile double lever. These patents appear as a revolution for the waiter’s friend type of corkscrews.

Pulltex brand appears on the market with a smaller range of wine accessories and with the idea of making wine service better and easier. After the first articulated double lever corkscrews, called Pulltap’s, had been launched on the market and presented as a completely new way of uncorking a bottle of wine, the brand spread fast across the international market.

At present, this Spain brand is a well-established brand on the market, offering a complete range of accessories specially designed for each step that is used when serving the wine. The Pulltex brand stands for innovation, design, originality, functionality and above all, quality of its products.

Made by Pulltex, Spain.


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