The entire range of Zalto wine glasses are carefully handcrafted and made from lead-free crystal. Highly skilled glass-blowers create exceptionally light and thin glasses in order to let you feel only wine and its pleasant flavor instead of wine and glass. These glasses series was influenced by tilt angles of the Earth. The curve of the bowls is tilted at the angles of 24, 48 and 72 degrees. The ancient Romans highly believed that these angles improve the taste of drinks and food because they are closer to the Earth and naturality.

Although Zalto glasses production started in 2007. They have already won many awards and quickly became well known among the best wine glasses in the world. Have a look at Zalto glassware review.

In 2009 Zalto glasses have won first places among Riesling, Burgundy and Bordeaux handcrafted glasses from 5 to 55 Eur cost. The professional jury consisted of 18 people including Georg Riedel, Gerhard Frank, Johann Nah.