Created in 1992 by Guy Vialis, a renowned French sommelier, Château LAGUIOLE has been the result of 20 years of reflection. The Château LAGUIOLE has since become the reference luxury sommelier for professionals and wine lovers in France and abroad. Handcrafted in Thiers and Laguiole with the finest materials, it distinguishes itself by the elegance of its lines, its exceptional grip and durability. Used by the greatest sommeliers since its origin, Château LAGUIOLE has traditionally granted the privilege to the winner of the Contest of the Best Sommelier of the World, to create a Château LAGUIOLE model at his name. Today, this collection has about ten models and is a huge success. LIGNE|W takes over Château LAGUIOLE at the end of 2017 and decides to keep Guy Vialis guideline while rethinking the design of the corkscrew in order to make it even more efficient and resistant. Since the beginning of 2019, a new guarantee system has been created: all Château LAGUIOLE sommeliers come with a membership card to be validated online, the only assurance of their authenticity and lifetime  warranty.