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Claude Dozorme Champagne Design sword. Since the time of Napoleon, soldiers celebrated victories by opening champagne with a sword. It has become a very nice and interesting tradition to open champagne. The bottle must be cooled to a temperature of 5 degrees and tilted at an angle of 20 degrees to minimize leakage. Lightly stab through the neck with a sword.

If you wish, we can engrave the inscription of your choice. Please get in touch.

Manufacturer – Claude Dozorme, France.


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Champagne is a drink for every occasion ! To crack open champagne, nothing beats a champagne saber Claude Dozorme.

Loved the world over for its light, sparkling bubbles, its elegance and its unique taste, it is the standard bearer for the image of France. The service and opening of a bottle of champagne has its ritual. The most emblematic ritual of these is still the sabering of the neck of the bottle, a ritual much loved by Napoleon. For this, we use the traditional champagne saber. Indeed, during the time of the Empire, the fashion was to celebrate a victory by slicing off the neck of the bottle with a saber.

To perpetuate this centuries-old tradition, the Claude Dozorme company is reissuing magnificient collections of champagne sabers. Claude Dozorme thus proposes two distinguished and refined ranges:

One is of very high value with its fine gilded hilt while;
The other has a sleeker, more contemporary design with a silvered hilt.

The dragon trimmings hark back to the days when the riders of the Napoleonic cavalry wore their arms at the wrist. This is an original and prestigious gift that will provide an elegant accompaniment to all grand events.

Claude Dozorme makes his champagne swords in his own workshops. All stages of manufacturing a sword are integrated internally. Thus, each Claude Dozorme champagne saber is guaranteed 100% French, made in a traditional way and in the respect of the cutlery tradition.

Manufacture – Claude Dozorme, Pranzūzija.

Weight 1.75 kg
Dimensions 65 × 17 × 6.2 cm

Black guard, black handle, Aluminum guard, oak handle, Bronze guard, mahogany handle


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